Winter is coming. But that doesn’t mean you should be on the lookout for White Walkers. Instead, it’s time to start preparing your commercial buildings for whatever British weather can throw at them. And that’s where rope access comes in. Winter weather might be challenging, but our specialist teams make rope access in the UK a fantastic way to prep your buildings for the cold season.

Freezing temperatures, ice, snow and rain can all play havoc with a building’s facade and need to be factored into your maintenance schedule. So we’ve put together a checklist of all the tasks you need to do before winter and how rope access can help.


Check the roof

Start at the top by ensuring your roof is in good shape to weather any winter storms. Poor weather can dislodge or damage tiles and other roofing materials. And a damaged, leaky roof can impact the structure of your building. It’s also a health hazard for your employees, so get your roof checked and repaired as soon as possible.

Rope access is a fantastic way to get into those hard-to-reach places. That makes it the preferred way to do in-depth roof checks and maintenance.


Gutters and leak detection

Gutters and drains are the heart of any building’s defence system against winter weather. Our industrial abseiling teams can make short work of checking out guttering and downspouts, paying particular attention to joints and hoppers. It’s the best way to spot and remove blockages to prevent costly leaks.

But our teams go further, checking the entire fabric of the building for cracks and fissures where water can get in. And because there’s no need for costly scaffolding or platforms, our quick response rope access crew can deal with potential problems fast.


Window inspection

Any building can take a battering during a typical British winter, and one thing that can cause havoc is torrential and persistent rain. So it’s worth checking that window frames and glazing are up to the job, and our rope access teams are ideally placed to check for cracks and leaks.¬†

In addition, you should schedule regular window checks as part of your planned building maintenance. Catching problems early can help save time and money further down the line.


Lights, signs and security equipment

As the nights draw in, it’s critical that your lighting works perfectly for security and safety. During a rope access building check, our teams can swap damaged lightbulbs, check security cameras and clean your outdoor signage as part of your pre-winter maintenance schedule.


Structural checks

If your building has an ETFE roof or tensile fabric canopies, structural checks are a crucial part of your planned maintenance. And again, it’s the speed and agility of our rope access teams that make this the preferred way of checking your structure.

For example, there may be areas vulnerable to snow and ice damage or bolts that haven’t been checked for years because of accessibility issues. Industrial abseiling makes short work of checking that the structure is fit for purpose and not exposed to undue stress and strain.


Access all areas with Think Access

Regular building maintenance is vital, but scheduling a complete check before winter can save you time and money. In addition, our teams can help identify problem areas and share job status through our unique Konnected interface, giving you complete peace of mind.

Prevention is always better than cure, so don’t wait for winter to do its worst before you plan your maintenance regime. At Think Access, we can check every inch of your building for potential problems, so contact us today to book your rope access team.