Rope access is hands down the most efficient way to reach those hard-to-reach places in any building. So whether you need gutters cleaning in a castle or a steel beam installed in a sky-high apartment block, rope access in the UK is the safest and quickest way to get the job done. 

You may already have seen our teams cleaning windows or replacing glazing units on a high-rise office block. But there’s so much more to our rope access services than construction and cleaning. So here’s a taster of how industrial abseiling can be used on your property. 

Painting or coating 

Rope access painting is an incredibly efficient way to apply paint or other coatings to the exterior of a building. Our rope access technicians can get to tricky-to-reach places that scaffolding can’t. So you can expect a fantastic finish. Plus, with a fast, straightforward and non-invasive set-up, it’s a cost-effective way to paint anything from high-rises to listed buildings. 

General maintenance

Got a leak you can’t locate? Or a dud bulb in a sign fifty feet high? Why wait for costly scaffolding when our industrial abseiling team can tackle all those niggly maintenance jobs at height in a fraction of the time? 

Roofing and cladding

Rope access is rapidly becoming the go-to solution for cladding and roofing projects, especially buildings with complex geometry or curved roofs. It’s not just that rope access is more cost-effective than other methods. It’s also significantly safer for working at height and causes much less disruption than scaffolding. So whether your building is an urban high-rise with a cladding problem or a Gothic cathedral that needs a new roof, rope access can save you time and money. 

Industrial cleaning

Rope access window cleaners have become a familiar sight in our towns and cities. But industrial abseiling is also an excellent solution for gutter cleaning, power station clean-downs, industrial silos and much more. You won’t need to arrange road closures for a cherry picker or wait for scaffolding to be built.   

Our highly experienced operatives can be rigged and at work in minutes, so the job is done fast. And there are no challenges we can’t beat — from tight and confined spaces to using a light touch on heritage buildings.  

Electrical installation and maintenance

Cable installations are designed to be unobtrusive, which can sometimes lead to access problems. So our rope access technicians are experienced in installing and maintaining electrical cables and wiring in previously inaccessible places. 

We only use light machinery, and our operatives are used to working on anything from stadium floodlights to CCTV cameras and advertising signage. And if you need electrical inspections and audits at height, our fully-qualified technicians will get the job done.

Fire detection

Ever wondered how to install sprinklers and fire detection methods in refurbishments and new builds? Rope access makes short work of the vertical, horizontal and lateral movements required to manoeuvre hundreds of metres of pipework into position. The versatility of rope access makes it an ideal fit for complex tasks where getting into constrained spaces would otherwise be an issue. 

Siphonic rainwater drainage

Siphonic drainage is specifically designed to remove large volumes of rainwater from the complex roof structures of tall buildings. And that means installing systems at height. We’re confident we’ve installed more meterage of pipework than any other rope access company in the UK, probably because our working methods are so well suited to this type of work at height.  

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