At #thinkaccess, one of our core principles is ensuring that our team members share the same values and vision that define our business. As part of our recruitment strategy, we have recognised the potential to bring in individuals from diverse backgrounds who possess the right character traits and then empower them with the necessary skills.

We’re thrilled to share the remarkable journey of our team member, Christopher Mdsin, also known as Chris.

Chris embarked on his #thinkaccess journey in January 2021, having been unfortunately laid off from his previous job due to the COVID-related cutbacks. He joined us as a Stores Coordinator, a role vital in supporting our operational teams by ensuring they had the right equipment for their projects, maintaining equipment certifications, and overseeing our inventory. It didn’t take long for us to notice that Chris not only possessed the right mindset and work ethic but also exhibited a growing passion for all things related to working at heights and rope access.

During his six-month review, we had a conversation about Chris’s career aspirations within #thinkaccess. He expressed his eagerness to explore the possibility of becoming a Rope Access Technician.

This presented us with a bittersweet decision. Chris had become an integral part of our team in his current role, but we recognised that his skills and dedication could add significant value to our operational team in a new capacity.

Ultimately, we decided to support Chris in pursuing his new career path. He successfully completed the IRATA Level one course at Complete Site Safety. Subsequently, we provided him with comprehensive exposure to all aspects of our work, ensuring he developed a strong knowledge base and gained valuable hands-on experience. Chris seamlessly integrated into our work culture, consistently upholding our standards of excellence and representing our company with professionalism and courtesy when interacting with clients.

In addition to his rope access training, we invested in Chris’s continued professional development by providing additional training in Waterproofing, Bird Netting, and Anchor Fixing and Inspection. Chris embraced every opportunity and excelled in his new role, evolving into a not only a highly skilled Rope Access Technician but also a role model for his colleagues.

Recognising Chris’s impressive growth and dedication, we recently conducted a comprehensive review of wages across our organisation. As a testament to his achievements, Chris was awarded a substantial pay increase commensurate with his development. We understand the importance of fair compensation in fostering a motivated and productive workforce. It not only rewards employees for their hard work but also attracts and retains top talent. When team members feel appreciated and valued, they become more engaged and committed, ultimately contributing to better business outcomes.

At #Think Access, we believe in creating a positive and supportive work environment where our team members can thrive. By prioritising fair pay and safety, we’re laying the foundation for a prosperous and successful future for our business. Chris’s journey is a shining example of the opportunities that await those who join our team and commit to personal and professional growth.