Earlsgate Energy Centre-mobile davit lifting arms

Services Provided:
Think Access was engaged to provide comprehensive solutions for the installation of 12 mobile davit lifting arms, necessitating the installation of sections of structural steel to support specific deflection ratings. Through our established relationships with suppliers, we effectively organized and planned the project from procurement to certification, ensuring a seamless process. Our services included:

  1. Supplying mobile davit arms
  2. Removing gratings to facilitate structural steel installation
  3. Installing specific sockets for mobile davit arm seating
  4. Restoring removed gratings for user-friendly installation of davit arms
  5. Load testing all sockets
  6. Producing certification for a 12-month period

Project Solutions: To efficiently execute the project, we utilised rope access techniques to remove floor gratings, minimising disruption to operations. With the expertise of qualified riggers, we employed rigging equipment to install structural PFCs with precision and safety. Leveraging our experience from previous projects, we skill fully marked and drilled already installed structural steel, optimising installation procedures.

Project Results: The project resulted in the successful installation of 12 davit sockets equipped with 24 structural steel PFCs, all certified within the allocated timeframe and under budget. By adhering to stringent safety standards and leveraging innovative solutions, we ensured the reliability and functionality of the davit lifting arms. The comprehensive certification provided reassurance to our client, validating the integrity and compliance of the installed systems. Overall, our efficient execution and commitment to excellence resulted in a successful project outcome that exceeded expectations.