Westfield EFW – Steel Erection

Services Provided: Rope Access IRATA trained operatives, Rope Access Steel Erectors

Client Brief: The client approached us with a request to supply two teams, each consisting of three individuals. The teams needed to include rope access technicians and steel erectors to address a critical phase of their construction project. Due to delays from the steel erecting company, the client decided to implement both day and night shifts for steel erection. The project’s proximity to residential homes required the night shift team to refrain from using mechanical aids to ensure minimal disturbance to nearby residents.

Project Solution: To meet the client’s requirements and mobilize the project swiftly, we assembled a 6-person team comprising the following skilled individuals:

  • 2 x IRATA Level 3 technicians: These highly-trained professionals are well-versed in rope access techniques and safety protocols, ensuring the safe execution of tasks at height.
  • 2 x IRATA rope access technicians: These specialists possess the expertise in rope access, enabling them to access challenging work areas safely and efficiently.
  • 2 x IRATA rope access steel erectors: With specialized skills in both rope access and steel erection, this duo played a pivotal role in the successful completion of the project.
Considering the urgency of the request, we managed to mobilise this skilled team within just 72 hours. This endeavour involved not only recruiting the appropriate personnel but also ensuring that all necessary safety paperwork was in place. This meticulous preparation was essential to ensure the work proceeded smoothly and safely.

Project Results: The implementation of our 6-man team proved highly successful. The project progressed smoothly and efficiently, addressing the client’s immediate needs and helping them catch up on their construction timeline. This, in turn, allowed the client to demobilise some of the team members to control costs while reallocating them to other areas of the project. The versatile team became a valuable asset in various facets of the ongoing project, underlining their importance and adaptability.

By providing expertise in rope access and steel erection, our team played a pivotal role in ensuring the project’s success. This case study showcases our ability to respond swiftly to client needs, offer tailored solutions, and contribute to the efficient progress of construction projects in challenging environments.