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The number one choice for rope access.

Welcome to #thinkaccess the forefront of safety and efficiency in elevated work environments. At #thinkaccess, we specialise in rope access and working at height solutions that redefine industry standards.

#thinkaccess was formed following many years of experience by its senior management in the work at height, rope access and confined space sectors, working for all major industries including oil & gas, cement, construction and commercial facilities. We’ve held pivotal roles in some of the UK’s largest and most complex specialist access projects, bringing both practical and managerial experience to the projects.

By working with the #thinkaccess team you know you are working with a team that, we believe, has the most diverse range of skills and experience in the specialist access sector. There is no project too big or small that we wouldn’t be happy to discuss with you. From window cleaning office blocks to major power station projects, we’ve done it all to the highest standard.


Rope Access Services

Edge Protection
Fire Suppression/Detection
Steel Erection
Safety Netting
General Maintenance
Industrial Cleaning

Why Choose Rope Access


Safety First, Always

Safety is non-negotiable when it comes to working at height. With rope access, we prioritise safety above all else. Our highly trained technicians undergo rigorous IRATA certification and adhere to strict safety protocols to mitigate risks and ensure a secure working environment. By choosing rope access, you’re investing in a method that minimises accidents, reduces downtime, and prioritises the well-being of your team.


Versatile Approach

Traditional access methods often come with limitations, making it challenging to reach confined or inaccessible areas. Rope access transcends these barriers, providing unmatched versatility. Whether it’s confined spaces, steep inclines, or complex structures, our rope access technicians navigate with ease, delivering efficient solutions tailored to your specific requirements.


Cost Effective Solution

In the world of elevated work, time is money. Traditional access methods often involve cumbersome setups, extended project durations, and costly equipment. With rope access, we streamline operations, reducing setup time, minimising disruptions, and maximising productivity. By choosing rope access, you’re investing in a cost-effective solution that delivers exceptional results without breaking the bank.


What we do…

At the core of #thinkaccess is our rope access capabilities, employing full time rope access tradespeople that can assist with any project, big or small. From here #thinkaccess has organically evolved to offer a multitude of services, all carried out by our highly trained work-at-height technicians, you can sleep easy knowing your project is in safe hands.

Sometimes customers see our major projects and just don’t know, or realise, we regularly undertake smaller contracts such as window cleaning, debris removal, or roof repairs
for example. We provide the same high standards to short term work as we do with the larger projects we built our reputation on.

We are happy to discuss any high level project you may need assistance on, whether it be via work restraint, MEWP or rope access.

Why Choose us…

To ensure that all our operations run as safe and efficiently as possible #thinkaccess built its systems around it’s mobile management software, provided by get.Konnected, to ensure that we have full control over all aspects of the companies operations, at the touch of a button.

get.Konnected to us is more than a system, it’s a culture. By using an integrated mobile management system and complimenting it with pro-active and professional customer service skills we are able to offer our customers unrivalled access to both data and people within our organisation seamlessly and in real time.

From commercial or safety documentation, asset management and even training data, our customers benefit from their own login to our system to be able to access nearly all the data they require on any one of their company’s projects. We find this builds trust through transparency and better relations through understanding project progress
and development.