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Electrical cables and services are designed to be unobtrusive, however, when it comes to installation and maintenance this can often cause an issue with regards to access.


#thinkaccess supply Rope Access technicians with varying degrees of qualifications in the electrical installation trades who have completed numerous projects that can be viewed on our case studies page. With so many customers having utilised our services, we can also supply references from previous happy customers – offering you peace of mind that we can deliver.

The benefits of Rope Access for electrical work are:

Installing New Cabling and Wiring

Floodlight Installation

Electrical Maintenance

Signage & Advertising

CCTV & Security

Electrical Audits & Inspections

Safety first

We can provide experienced rope access technicians who are specially trained to perform a wide range of glazing tasks. Whether the access issue is due to height, location or safety. Our highly trained technicians are experienced working at a height and can easily negotiate their way around any building. With rigorous safety checks and plans in place, the technicians are able to carry out glazing works quickly and efficiently and with minimal disruption to your business or the surrounding areas.

Glazing services that can be carried out include, but are not limited to:

Surveys and inspection reports

Yearly complience check

Emergency saftey reports

Regular maintenance and repairs

The main objective for our rope access technicians is to ensure all works are completed in a controlled and safe environment. Our technicians are (qualifications/accreditations?) and are qualified to carry out glazing jobs both big and small.

Our Track Record

Electrical installation and maintenance are specialised skills, which makes it more impressive when our highly qualified technitons carry out some Electrical work dozens of stories up!

Sometimes work needs to be done on electronics which are in a hard to reach location. At times like this, hiring a Rope Access Technicion is a sure fire way of guarenteeing the job will get done safely and cost effectively.

One of the Rope Access Electrical Service projects we are most proud of is the signage installation work we carried out at Anfield, home of Liverpool FC.

Throughout this project our team scaled the dizzying heights to the stop of the Stadium to ensure the signage and electrical work was carried out correctly, safely and securely. We are proud to have been a part in growing the stadium and look forward to doing more work like this in the future.

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