Have you ever stood in awe watching someone dangling from a rope on the side of one of the world’s tallest buildings? Then you’ve seen rope access in action. Incredible as it seems, it’s actually one of the safest ways to work at height and a fantastic way to tackle a range of tasks. 

Let’s take a closer look at what’s involved, so you know exactly why your business needs rope access services.

What is rope access?

On the face of it, rope access can look like a daredevil way to grab some incredible selfies. But, in reality, it’s one of the most effective ways to do construction, maintenance and inspection work, especially in hard to reach areas. 

Rope access might look scary, but using ropes to ascend, descend and traverse hard to reach areas makes short work of access. And because there’s no scaffolding or aerial platforms involved, rope access technicians work quickly, which minimises risk and reduces working hours.

Using cutting-edge safety equipment and climbing techniques, our highly trained teams deliver the highest levels of efficient working. Rope access cleaning and maintenance is now the go-to way to get the job done.

However dangerous or challenging the work environment, rope access has proved to be safe and effective time and time again. So whether you need a full-scale building inspection, window cleaning or offshore rope access, this working method has more than proved itself since it first went mainstream in the 1980s.

Why you need rope access

We know it’s easy to feel wary about hiring a rope access company. After all, when you watch industrial abseiling in practice, it’s difficult to shake the perception that it’s dangerous. But look beyond the heart-in-mouth moments, and there are plenty of practical reasons to work with a rope access contractor:


One person, two ropes. You won’t need to organise scaffolding or a cherry picker when you need work at height. Our technicians are trained in various rigging methods and can mobilise in much shorter timescales and decreased global risk/costs than traditional methods.


Our highly experienced teams are trained to the highest standards and work to HSE guidelines. It’s the primary reason why rope access work has an exceptional safety record and is one of the safest on-site access methods.

Value for money

With no need to hire heavy equipment, rope access is adaptable to any situation. And because technicians can set up at speed and work fast, there’s minor inconvenience or disruption on-site. In addition, that reduces work hours and on-site costs without compromising on quality or safety.


Rope access is unparalleled in its ability to reach those inaccessible places, whether they’re up high or at depth, on the side of a tower or in a confined space. Whatever your needs, there’s a rope access technique that works.

Environmental impact

If you want to reduce emissions on your next project, think rope access. Because no land clearance or heavy equipment is required, there are minimal emissions in transportation and on-site, making rope access the green choice.

Konnected culture

Konnected is our integrated mobile management system, and it puts you in control of your project. You’ll have unrivalled real-time access to data and technicians to keep track of every project that requires rope access. You can even see training data or safety documentation for peace of mind. In addition, konnected lets you track progress and development, building trust through transparency.

Think different. Think access 

At #thinkaccess, we believe in working smart — not hard. As a specialist rope access contractor, we put you in control with a complete range of rope access services for every project, so get in touch today to find out more.